Monday, 1 January 2007

happy new year!

Ant was sorely disappointed that we had no real snow in Halifax this Christmas. On our last day we had a few flurries, but they didn't stick around long enough to be snow.

We got to see Sonya, Kevin, and Claire a few times and here is a picture of us with Claire at Cora's. We were having breakfast there and Claire got to suck on a pineapple and a melon slice. She really likes sweet things and now I hear from Sonya that she has had her first cookie.

When we were out shopping with our Christmas money, we saw this T-shirt, which unfortunately Ant decided not to buy. (It says, Here I am. What are your other two wishes?)

We arrived home in London yesterday. Ant has been really looking forward to seeing the bike he ordered. He's looking forward to finding a good route to work on the weekend and he intends to cycle to work everyday once he's sorted out his gym membership.

He got a free pair of cycling glasses, which I get to wear this week since he'll still be taking the train.

We had a few people over for New Year's last night--Justin, Matt, Si, Len, Mott, and Ness. They all went off into London to try to see the fireworks and Ant and succumbed to our jet lag and fell asleep before midnight.


Kevin & Sonya said...

I love the glasses and the bike! I am really starting to like the idea of biking. The idea because I have not got to bike that much... and as long as it does not make my calf muscles too big I think it is a sport I could do for fun.

sarah said...

Actually, my legs have hardly changed in size (much to my dismay). Today I used my phone timer to push myself a bit harder and it was great. I almost didn't cycle today because of the wind (which is a much bigger problem than rain), but I'm glad I did since I feel so energised! :)