Sunday, 21 January 2007

long silence

I have loads of things to blog about but it seems to have lost its luster this week. Last weekend we went to Bath to celebrate our recent anniversary and I have lots to say about it... soon. It was lovely! We took plenty of pictures so it will be a nice post when I get around to it. (Shocking attitude, eh!) This weekend we spent getting caught up on the errands we didn't do the weekend before: ordering Ant's new glasses, getting passport pictures taken, doing some cleaning, Ant trying out his route to work. It's been a very profitable weekend.

On Friday evening I went ice skating with some colleagues from last year. There's a rink set up in the Somerset House courtyard. It's a beautiful venue. We all found it pretty hard going. Owen and Simon stayed mostly on the practice rink. Derrick organised it all.

(Owen and Derrick and I look like we are cardboard cutouts in this picture. I'm not sure why.)


Kevin & Sonya said...

that is a VERY funny pic. lol. I love it. I may cut it out and put it on my blog - if you have no objections. am on my way to work now. will write soon.


Kevin & Sonya said...

will yo ube posting pics of your new bathing suit Sarah? Love Claire.

Jayme said...

I loved Bath when I was there. So pretty!

If you're ever looking for another nice weekend away, go to Dartmouth. It's lovely.