Monday, 22 January 2007


This past weekend Ant ordered a new set of glasses. While he was getting tested and doing paperwork I was reading. But with all those funky glasses in front of me I thought I may as well investigate my (hypothetical) options. I took pictures so that I could see what they looked like. I have no intention of changing my glasses any time soon, especially not this drastically. But the look is growing on me.

I guess I was trying to look a bit like Nicky Hambleton-Jones, a TV presenter on the show Ten Years Younger. She is wearing a new pair of funky glasses in every episode.

After Ant returned he even got into the spirit. However, these are not the glasses he chose!


Jayme said...

I like the idea of a new look, but you should choose something smaller. You have a small face and these glasses overpower your pretty eyes.

I just got new glasses. I have to go back because they're crooked on my face. Argh. I think I have lopsided ears.

pensively tinkering (p t) fromadistance said...

So I'm wondering where blogging fits on the list of enjoyable activities? If I was making a list, "reading sarah's blog" would be definitely in the top 10.