Tuesday, 20 February 2007

the apple store

I am in the city today with our friend Si and so we stopped by the Apple store to counter internet withdrawal symptoms. It's lovely to type away on a big iMac. :) Yesterday was the first day of my half term break and I went in to work (as per my usual habits) and marked loads of books. Just as I had four books left (by 4:10 pm) the custodian came by. The school was supposed to close at 4 pm and so he was there to make me leave. So it was a case of taking my four last books home with me or else spend the night in the school. I think I avoided the greater evil, although I would have preferred to leave my work (and therefore, my stress) at school.

We've been to the National Gallery today and now we're wondering around the city, eating sandwiches and window shopping.

I hope to go to Cambridge one day this week and also meet up with a few other friends.


Kevin & Sonya said...

Sare. do you like your apple then? We are thinking about getting one... but I am leary.... and two computers for two people...will I ever see my husbands face again...?

Kristin & Shawn said...

Hi Sarah,

I was just checking out your blog and saw this comment about the apple store...Shawn and I were in London last weekend (feb 23-26) and we went there as well! Aren't those big screens/computers amazing?! I have some pictures from London up on my blog that you might like. It was a very last minute trip, otherwise I would have emailed to ask you what to do/see...next time!


Patrick & Rachel said...

Oh, the art museum and window shopping sounds so relaxing!!! We really miss out on culture living in a small town - maybe one day. Hope you have a great break!