Saturday, 10 February 2007


I went into the city today to go to Selfridges department store. April gave me some gift vouchers for the store and it's bonus time at Clinique. (I follow bonus time!) It reminded me of when Jayme and I used to go into Oxford Street for a bit of food and a spot of shopping. The Clinique counter was throbbing, but I got my soap and bonus kit, including a very floral wash bag. Here are two shots of the current window displays. (Remember the old ones?)


Jayme said...

Ah Selfridges. I'm so jealous. I miss our shopping trips and the wonderful window displays. Maybe we'll get to do another shopping trip when we visit in the summer.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare it looks swanky. I make not bought make-up for so long. The last time I was at Clinique was at an airport in Dubai a year and a half ago. What was in the bonus? how have you been. blogging more I see. :) Hope all is well. I feel out of touch.