Saturday, 3 February 2007

my mother was right (again)

I have been offline for quite a while recently. Our internet has been all on and off this week. But it's miraculously reappeared this weekend! Thankfully.

My mother was right about classroom management. I remember her saying that you have to want the kids to behave and act as if you expect them to do so. When I was training my university mentor said that my raised voice was not very convincing and he advised me to go out into my back yard and yell. I was dealing with a troublesome class yesterday and I was trying my hardest to portray my feeling that I expected them to behave. "How much do you want it?" my mum would ask. I really wanted it. I was determined that they would not continue their disruptive behaviour. Now I just have to keep up the energy to demand that again next lesson.

I had a good talk with my parents tonight and that's perked me up a bit. Anna and Micah are coming to visit us tomorrow and we're looking forward to that.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare. Was it as bad as primetime????? :) Hope it gets better.