Thursday, 9 August 2007

city walk #45: richmond

I cycled my bike over to Richmond yesterday (twelve miles including a section through the lovely Richmond Park). Then I embarked on a two hour walk up and down the Thames. It started on the high street and passed around the village green. Due to the nice weather (which has been a long time coming in London) there were hoards of people lazing about on the grass. I walked along the edge of the park, under a canopy of branches.

I reached the river near Richmond Bridge and started walking south along the Thames. Here's the Richmond Bridge behind me.

The Thames was serene and the sun was beating down as I walked down as far as Ham House.

At one point I passed a meadow full of cows--how bizarre, since you can see that I had not left the city.

After about an hour of ambling along I reached the crossing point. Here's the picture I took myself--I always think that taking my own picture makes me look like a numpty*. But here it is anyway! I was concentrating so hard I forgot to smile.

Then I spent £1 on the passenger ferry across to Twickenham. (How cheap is that!) On the other side I got lost briefly in the Marble House park.

Then back to Richmond to refill my water bottle and cycle home again to collapse from exhaustion!

* numpty: Ant's current favourite insult; "a stupid or ineffectual person"


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Looks like fun. I am buying a baby trailer so we can finally start some of our own biking adventures! We finally have internet again (will explain on my blog) so look forward to hearing from you more often.