Wednesday, 22 August 2007

missing: one fuzzy glove

When at Sarah's bike shop on Friday evening, I bought a new pair of summer cycling gloves with cut off fingers. They are a lovely light aqua colour and much better for summer cycling. (The colour kind of matches with my Kona bike frame, which is a periwinkle blue.) My other gloves were purchased last year when my fingers started getting numb on the way to work. They are heavy with a fleece lining, and then kept my fingers toasty all winter long. With my Belgium trip looming I picked up my new gloves and wore them home from the bike shop.

When I got home I threw my winter gloves and Ant's cycling gloves into the wash (after a hard week or two of cycling they can pong a bit). But only one winter glove came back out of the wash. How could my washing machine eat a fuzzy glove?

Back at Sarah's bike shop today, the employee said that I had left a glove behind last week. And there was my winter glove, with a note taped to it, identifying me as its owner. Yay!

Unpacking my cycling bag today with the inner tubes I picked up at the shop, I realised I can't find that fuzzy glove anywhere. I think I may have dropped it at the shop (again), or maybe as I was kitting up just outside. If found, please return my fuzzy glove.


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hilarious! Good post Sare. How come Anthony is not going to Beligium with you. Would be fun thing for you to do together some other time.

Cant wait to see pics.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Sare in responce to your post: She's pretty girly! Everything is usually pink. You cant see in the pic but her jeans have blue flowers all over them. She'll wear anything... my rule is, 'nothing that I wouldnt wear'. I will post you a fun pic of her closet so you can see all her pink clothes and my OCD compulsions.