Tuesday, 14 August 2007

lashing down

Well, it's raining hard outside and Ant has gone off to work. Usually I have a bit of breakfast, do some reading, checking online, and then off I go to my sightseeing or to work. But today I think I will stay curled up at home with numerous cups of tea, a good book, a film, and my laptop. There are sheets of rain coming down and it's very blustery and today I will stay inside.

I'll start a list of things that I do today.

Welcome home to Sonya, Kevin, and Claire. I am catching up on their holiday news.

Chatting with Jayme about documentation and classroom fix-ups.

Eating leftovers for lunch--oh yes, I am doing my duty to cleaning out the fridge.

Thinking about doing the washing up. :)

1 comment:

Kevin & Sonya said...

Nice template! I love the pink. Where will you travel too. I say Austria! but i have not seen it all yet... so I bet you will find even better places!