Saturday, 18 July 2009

getting ready for the holidays

Ant and I went out and did a handful of errands today. The most important thing was that we needed new suitcases. We are travelling to Australia next weekend and the baggage restrictions are tighter than on our usual flights to Canada. So we bought the Domo Sub-0-G cases--apparently the lightest suitcases in the world! The two cases we bought were the same outside measurements as our current big cases (although the shop sold a bigger size!) and they only weigh 2.65 kg each. Our current big cases weigh 4.6 kg (American Tourister) and 5.6 kg (Samsonite). The luggage allowance is one 20 kg bag each--so the bag is now only 13% of the allowance instead of up to 25%.

We also got some earplugs, and we intend to try them out this week. We got a small luggage spring scale, so we can take it with us and weigh our luggage before our return trip as well (we are so nerdy!). Ant got some books for the trip. We bought two compression bags to try out--they hold about two sweaters, and they have a one-way valve so you can squish all the air out after sealing the bag.

We are starting to get really excited. We are both desperately in need of a relaxing break from work. We can't wait to see Micah and Anna and a few other friends as well!

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Loren said...

Are you coming to Perth? You would be most welcome, of course, to stay with us!

Loren and Stephen.