Sunday, 26 July 2009

welcome to Sydney

Wow--the massive journey is over. And actually we don't feel too bad. What I thought might be 24 hours of continuous, awake travelling was actually two night flights with a short day in between. We took off from Heathrow at about 11 pm Friday night. We were served a nice meal and then we straight away took sleeping tablets and nodded off. (Ant and I were both determined to sleep and Ant had also survived an extremely busy week at work.) I think we managed to sleep for about seven hours! Then we had breakfast and the flight landed in Hong Kong at 5 pm local time: Saturday. We walked around the airport while the plane was refuelling. Then we boarded again and took off for our second night flight. Another evening meal and then sleeping tablets and off to sleep. We slept for another five hours and then landed in Sydney: Sunday morning!

Micah came to pick us up at the airport and helped us get to his apartment. It's so great to see Micah and Anna again! Their apartment looks like a real home. Here is their photo wall (all held up with velcro!).

We walked over to the shopping centre over the road and got Micah and Anna a TV set top box so Ant can watch the Grand Prix tonight. Micah enjoyed reading the translated instruction manual.

We are going to have a little nap now. Hopefully then we will be able to stay up for the rest of the day. So far, so good with the jet lag.

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Kevin, Sonya, Claire & Max said...

Love love love the pictures falling. How clever! Also I think I have seen that bearded man before.. only it was in a pic at your grandmas house and your mom was with him... yes of LESLIE!