Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Micah and Anna have a big world map on their dining area wall. They have small sticky dots that mark the places they have been (which is defined as at least one night). Ant and I were talking at dinner today about where we have been (Micah and Anna were out so we were on our own.) Until now, we have visited places only in Europe and North America. And this is the first time we have visited the Southern hemisphere. On our return journey we get to spend three days in Hong Kong. This is a picture we took in the Hong Kong airport because of the rising hills behind the plane. We are looking forward to a totally different cultural experience when we go there.

Australia feels like quite a similar culture. The supermarket feels Canadian and the train stations feel English. Today we slept really late and relaxed at the apartment; we didn't go into the city at all. (Daytime TV seems to be the same types of things as well.) We picked up a few things at the grocery store across the road for dinner. On the way back we walked through this small park. Micah and Anna's apartment building is the white brick building hidden behind the trees at the end of the park on the left. (You might need to click on the picture for a bigger view!)

I cooked up a small storm in the small kitchen.

I was trying out a recipe I read online today, Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Dal. Yum. Micah and Anna have the biggest and most diverse spice and herb collection I have ever seen. I could make anything using their supplies.

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