Friday, 24 July 2009

packing and away!

Well, we leave for the airport shortly. Ant and I have had a hard time filling these suitcases. They are so roomy and virtually weightless. We are also more modest packers than ever before. So in an effort to fill up my case I added extra pyjama bottoms, and a completely frivolous pair of shoes.

We have checked over and over which airport it is from which we are leaving. I feel confident we will go to the right one this time! I am more than a bit nervous about the long flight. I have got two audiobooks (The Most Wanted Man by John le Carre and Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve), one very large novel (The Constant Gardener, by John le Carre) and one book of short stories (by Carol Shields). I have a Healthy magazine that I have been saving as well. I have my iPod and my computer. Ant brought his own reading and also cribbage and Flux (card games). And there will of course be movies and music on the plane. I also have a supply of Nytol, a sleeping aid. I am determined to get some sleep on this flight. I am sure we will be exhausted, but any sleep is worth it! We arrive early on Sunday morning, so we have the difficult task of staying awake all day when we first get there. I hope Micah will poke me!

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Jayme said...

I think I am seriously going to invest in your luggage if it means I can pack more shoes!!! Sheesh! I've never heard of anyone having trouble filling a suitcase!

Have a wonderful trip. Looking forward to lots of photos and stories! God bless.