Tuesday, 3 October 2006

new for October

1. Chilly weather in the morning. I am not cycling in shorts anymore.
2. Ant's bike has been stolen (again). So he is less mobile.
3. The marking pile is tightening its grip on me. Its cobra-like qualities never cease to amaze me.
4. I am glad now that I bought cycle lights in the summer. Although it's not dark yet, but dusky on my way home.
5. I realised (in advance this year!) that Thanksgiving is coming up next week. What to do, what to do?


Kevin & Sonya said...

I bought a bike - so now I will ride like you. it is the wrong time of year to start but I am excited none the less. My work is about 20 min away by bike. I am nervous about riding in the night and on the street... two bad qualities... humm Kevin came home so I am off for a ride now... (the only time that I can go - is when he gets home from work before it gets dark).


sarah said...

Good for you! I hope you learn to like it. My cycling was started out of financial necessity more than for enjoyment. I sometimes enjoy my daily ride and at other times it seems like such a hassle. But once I'm at work I have to get home (!) so I keep doing it.

Let me know how your cycling goes.

I am proud to have started this exercise trend. Power to you, Sonya, and also to my mother, who is now a more committed walker. Yay!