Saturday, 21 October 2006

news to me

Apparently one internet user in ten has a blog now. Are you one? Or do you enjoy your surfing time by reading others' writings? Why not leave me a comment to say you have been? I see from the map on the sidebar that I have quite a few more visitors than make their voices known. So even a little peep would be a pleasure to hear. :)

Click on the comments link (at the end of this post on the right) and let me know you're here. You don't have to be a Blogger member. When you get to the comments page, click on "Other" if you'd like to leave me your name, or "Anonymous" if you'd prefer not to. Let me ask some questions to get you started. (Thanks to Sonya for the idea.) Please choose one or more to answer.

1. What's a good film (or TV show) you've seen recently?

2. What's your favourite fruit and why? If you could describe yourself as a fruit which one would it be? :)

3. What are you reading at the moment?

4. Do you think that a messy desk/room means a tidy mind? Or would you prefer to leave me an anti-clutter tip?


P T Narnian said...

I've just finished reading a fine biography of C S Lewis, by Alan Jacobs. Did you know that Lewis didn't type or drive a car, and barely travelled outside the UK? But in the last half of his life he wrote a book a year, in genres as varied as apologetics and fiction. At Lewis's funeral, Austin Farrar said, 'His real power was not proof; it was depiction. There lived in his writings a Christian universe that could be both thought and felt, in which he was at home and in which he has made his reader at home.'

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! I believe it - that so many people have a blog. I wish google did not include them in the search though.
And why is it that people have blogs but dont post. I think I will have to make some random blog friends by posting on theirs to get them to post on mine..

Kevin & Sonya said...

Okay... my hands are still cold... but I did forget to answer the qustions.

1. 24 I love it.
2. I love pineapple but I do not think I am one... maybe I am more of an orange so round and fat I am.
3.The SCLS Providers Guide (not recommended) nothing should ever be messy.

allison said...

hi sarah. i'll admit it - i'm a lurker (is that what they're called - people who follow blogs but don't let themselves known?). i guess i'm not anymore though - since i let the cat outta the bag...

1. love the amazing race
2. just discovered arctic kiwis the day before yesterday - they're delicious - try them!
3. 2 books on the go ("kingdom coming: the rise of christian nationalism" and "talk to the hand")
4. i prefer no clutter - but you win some, you lose some...

Ant said...

1. Spooks is super addictive
2. Grapes, because they are so tasty especially in drink form :) Speaking of drink I love orange and raspberry juice too.
3. The Mathematics of Finacial Derivatives by Wilmott. Highly recomended so far. It excludes the technical points and puts them at the end of the chapter, that way you don't get bogged down in the details.
4. I have always tried to keep my desk tidy, and it does feel nice when you have one of those days where you blitz it. However, I am the type of person who just has piles of everything everywhere. I know where stuff is (as long as you do not move it or it is not keys wallet, phone, handsfree, umbrella...), which considering the mess is quite a feet... so I think that I do have a tidy mind

Me again said...

PS: A tidy mind facilitates the ability to have a messy desk, without the tidy mind the desk would have to be tidy

Kevin & Sonya said...

Happy Birthday Old Friend~ See us celebrating it on my blog.


Anonymous said...

1. Enduring Love (Hey it's even British you might like it)
2. Apple
3.Ablaze : the story of the heroes and victims of Chernobyl
4. My desk is 100 times worse

Anonymous said...

1. Enduring Love (Hey it's even British you might like it)
2. Apple
3.Ablaze : the story of the heroes and victims of Chernobyl
4. My desk is 100 times worse

Yep I do have a blog as well..

Anonymous said...

Did Matt warn you that he put your blog as a link from his blog - i suppose because you had a good pic of him eating corn on the cob. In answer to your questions,I think your desk looks quite organized. I am reading a book about prayer by Philip Yancey and A Short History of Nearly Everything. - signed "Matt's Mom"