Tuesday, 10 April 2007

city walk #47: battersea park

Last week I bought a box of cards called City Walks: London: 50 Adventures on Foot. Each of the cards has a map on one side an notes about where to go and what to see on the other side.

On Thursday I was feeling like getting out of the house so I headed to one walk which is very close to us: Battersea Park. The park has wide walkways and a children's zoo. I saw lots of kids there who rented recumbent bicycles. I stopped to read my book near a huge pool with fountains that switched on occasionally. It was sunny and warm--an unbelievable spring day.

The walk proceeded along the Thames and I passed two bridges: the Albert Bridge and the Battersea Bridge. The Albert Bridge is a pastel structure.

When I reached the Battersea Bridge I caught my bus home again.

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