Thursday, 26 April 2007


My posts seem to have a theme lately.... My life is filled with geeky scientists or mathematicians. Accountants and bankers are our closest friends. Steven Colbert says that "an accountant is a manila envelope, yellowed with age, that fell between the filing cabinet and the wall. Trapped. Alone. Parched." I love accountants, though! Some of my friends area lovely accountants. (I think Colbert was just trying to win the Meta-free-phor-all.)

Tonight's geeky adventure is a science themed drinks evening. Here's one picture from Tuesday when we made G&Ts and drank them by black light. Tonic contains quinine, which flouresces under ultraviolet light. How cool is that? Tonight we will also be playing with liquid nitrogen. Woohoo!

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Kevin & Sonya said...

that sounds like fun. toobad you cant see it in your stomach when you drink it.!