Sunday, 1 April 2007

hat tip to Si

I have been home from work; Si has been looking for work. We have both been at home surfing the net perhaps more than is advisable. But Si has introduced me to some interesting ideas and sites. (Perhaps not too surprising since he works with the web professionally.) First I got into Google Reader, which keeps track of all your favourite websites or blogs and lets you know when they have been updated. Then I found, a sort of web-digest full of links to other interesting things. Then today, I subscribed to a Google Reader feed bundle that included Kottke, a couple of language blogs (with one I think my Dad would like), a couple of strange economics blogs, and even a design blog, of which I hope Si approves. More fun on the net than ever before!


Justin Hatt said...

Since getting the Internet back, you've become quite the Internet junkie! =:-D Go, Net!

Patrick & Rachel said...

The google reader looks really interesting. I just entered all of my favorites blogs and it alerts me when they have been updated!!! How cool is that! Thanks for the info.