Thursday, 5 April 2007


While surfing this morning I somehow ended up in a Flickr photo pool called Fashion My Legs dedicated to pictures of girls with tights. Call me strange but I have become an avid tights wearer recently. I have always bought cheap tights (because they're going to run anyway) so I decided to start buying interesting ones. I have a gray pair, a teal footless pair, a pinstripe pair, and a pair with a calf seam. Today I'm wearing my fishnets--they are huge gauge; each diamond shape is as big as a 10p piece (or loonie). They look quite cool with a very conservative outfit of a gray skirt and gray top. and while I was out shopping today I bought a banana yellow pair of footless tights (£1).


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare - first sorry I keep missing you on Ichat. My "jabber" is not working? how do I fix that? It is on my list of things to figure out about my mac. Second, the color thing you sent me was cool. I actually love wearing purple, pink and turquiose - and red too but not as much. Third - I detess tights - sorry - but the link was cool. You are so fashionable! I live in my scrubs and pajamas. On a rare day if I am not working I will wear jeans and a sweater (partly becuase it is cold here) . I will try to dress up for my vacation though (ironic)

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hey that was "destest" not "detess" and I actually love wearing purple, pink and turquiose - and red SCRUBS, whould be the missing word.


Kevin & Sonya said...

I see I am having trouble spelling detest! Sorry about that.

What is new? How did you get over your illness? I am sick now too and I want it to go away!