Wednesday, 4 April 2007

the gadget of sickies

I finally slept a good sleep last night. I have been sick for more than a week. But at least I have the PVR to keep me company. Our (or perhaps Ant's) personal video recorder is a welcome addition to our entertainment nook. And while sick I've really appreciated the backlog of CSI episodes, films, and Grey's Anatomy. We had a search timer that was taping CSI on any channel or time and the result is 49 episodes to keep me company while I've been lying on the bed bored out of my mind. I had some Jane Austen films waiting as well and watching them has been brilliant. Grey's Anatomy is my new favourite show. It's about a group of surgery interns. In the first episode I watched I laughed and cried in the single hour. Try it out if you like with free episodes to download from channel five.


Jayme said...

Grey's Anatomy is HUGE over here and of course I missed out on the first seasons because I was in England, and now that I'm here I'm so far behind that I feel like there's no point. I haven't been watching much TV at all since I came back to Canada. I miss British TV!

Kevin & Sonya said...

what is PVR? Too me it is peripheral vascular resistance ie. the heart has to pump harder to to get blood through the body! :)