Wednesday, 6 June 2007

half term plans

How did I do last week with my half term plans? Here's the list.

-arrange my books--nope. But I did read some of my book club book.

-Canadian meet-up group with Justin--yep. On the Queen Mary 2, a pub boat floating on the Thames. I had to look outside periodically to avoid queasiness.

-do some London city walks--not so much. Although I did go to King's Road in Chelsea with my friend Sarah from work.

-go to work (two days) to sort out my portfolio--I ended up going to for three days (two of which were only half days, thankfully). I sorted out about half my portfolio. My big assessment is on June 25.

-lie in bed a lot--oh, yes. I slept loads.

-make some salads for the church anniversary lunch--I made a bulgar and beetroot salad not unlike that pictured below and a sweet potato salad.

-map out a party--no, but it was a nice idea.

-play backgammon with Chris and Tam--On Monday Ant and I went over and drank tea and played backgammon and checkers while it poured with rain outside. It was shivery cold but we were inside with friends and then we cooked a nice meal.

-post pictures and more blog entries--Judge for yourself!

-see Sarah (whom I knew from our Budapest days)--We spent two wonderful days together.

-talk on the phone more--err. Maybe.

-visit Micah and Anna in Cambridge--It's been put off until this coming weekend.

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