Monday, 11 June 2007

Sunday happenings

Yesterday I cooked salmon and rice for lunch. I pan fried the salmon in butter and garlic. The rice (left overs) I mixed with some steamed asparagus and shredded carrot. Add olive oil and some mixed spices and a meal is born. The spices were from Micah and Anna, bought on one of their church-tastic trips to a monastery. The new plates are also from Micah and Anna. They are downsizing before their move to Sydney this summer, via Portugal, Italy, Halifax, and Toronto.

We were eating our salmon while watching the Canadian Grand Prix. It was full of thrills and spills this year. The safety car had to come out four (four!) times. There were crashes when drivers touched. There was a crash when all four wheels got torn off after a driver (Kubica) hit a wall and then had to be taken to hospital. (He was discharged today with a sprained ankle and concussion.) Once while the safety car was out, Luizzi pitted, and then came out of the pits and started racing to catch up with the snake following the safety car at the other end of the track. In his haste he crashed into a wall entirely on his own! Massa and Fisichella were disqualified for running a light in the pit lane. Button didn't even start because his car couldn't find first gear and he had to be pushed off the starting grid. But to top it all, British driver Anthony Davidson had to make an unexpected pit stop because he hit a beaver! Final result after all this craziness was that rookie British driver Lewis Hamilton won his first race and everyone else finished out of position.

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