Monday, 18 June 2007

wedding weekend

I am a bit jet lagged and off to bed soon. But here are a few pictures from my weekend.

At Rich and Karen's wedding I saw Sonya and Kevin and my Mum stole Claire for the service.

Rich and Karen had a really touching service, which included a foot washing. The reception was at Pier 21, where the food was great. It was also the only wedding I've been at where we composed haikus and did sudoku.

Next we went to Grandad's birthday lobster dinner. Yum, yum, lobster, yum.

Sara and John's wedding was next. Their service was more formal and their reception was a dessert buffet with a dance.

Sara and John are now off to Quebec City (which, incidentally, is where Ant and I took our honeymoon) and Rich and Karen were on my flight this morning on their way to France. (I only found Rich about an hour before we landed.)


Justin Hatt said...

Rich is in Europe??? =:-O We should go on a mission to find him. =:-D It will be like a spy mission, with espionage and baguettes.

Kevin & Sonya said...

So funny that you were on his plane. France would be nice this time of year. It was nice to see you this weekend. In some ways it felt like you had never left. Claire and your mom look happy. Claire loves the camera. I see her looking at you in it.