Friday, 8 June 2007

what's this all about?

Look at the weather! Micah commented (below) that he will miss spring when he leaves the UK. I am with him on that. I love how the weather here is so warm already. I cycled home today in my T-shirt and shorts.

I am going to Canada next weekend (next weekend!) for two weddings and I am unsure whether (haha) to pack a summery dress or not. I love the summer!


p t weatherwatcher said...

Temperature in this Halifax backyard on Friday at 4:45 pm: 23C. Current recommended clothing: shorts and t-shirt. Anticipation of next weekend's visit: rising.

sarah said...

Yes! But how can the temperature be predicted 11 and end up 23?? Crazy.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! This was a leaver post.I like it and may steal it sometime. It was 30 in PEI the other day and high 20's today. It was lovely. But it has been 11 too.

Kevin & Sonya said...

PS When does your flight arrive from London (Thurs pm?) I am going to Hali on Mon and will be there till Sat.