Sunday, 24 June 2007

PT's church

When I was in Cambridge two weeks ago visiting Micah and Anna, we happened by a church (Emmanuel United Reformed) with a rummage sale on. Anna and I popped in and met a few very nice parishioners who were just packing up their sale. Anna got to chatting and I found this plaque showing their previous ministers. Of interest to me is PT Forsyth, a congregational theologian that my Dad wrote about for his PhD. I heard loads about Forsyth during the five years my Dad was concertedly studying him and his ideas of God's holy love.

The only Forsyth I can say I have read (besides what I took in due to the PhD) is part of The Soul of Prayer. "He is the Giver not only of the answer, but first of the prayer itself." I think Forsyth may also be the author of Dad's comment that when you don't feel like praying, you need to pray until you feel like praying.

By the way, Dad, the Wikipedia article on Forsyth is still just a stub. Maybe you should contribute!


Kevin & Sonya said...

It is cool that you found that plaque! You have been a busy blogger. I must go read the rest!

Kevin & Sonya said...

Sarah - did you get the posting I put on your facebook wall?