Sunday, 16 September 2007

a profitable weekend

Matt and Bree came over on Friday evening to watch The Queen.

I marked a set of tests.

I spent two hours at our free community BBQ hosted by the combined churches. I gave out leaflets and did some singing.

I mopped the floors (see below)!

Justin came over and the three of us played Knights and Cities of Catan.

I led worship at church today.

Ant and I watched the Formula One race in Belgium. Yay, Kimi!

Ant and I cleaned out our bookcase in preparation for moving in two weeks. We bundled up all the books we'll be taking with us to our new place.

And we piled up a stack to give away.

And Ant and I had dinner with Chris and Tam at a Thai restaurant. We finished our weekend with dessert and coffee nearby.


Anonymous said...

where are you moving to Sarah. Closer to your School and Ant's work i presume?

p t authorial said...

So what's the Book Club book, and do you have time to read?