Sunday, 30 September 2007

new flat!

Yesterday we moved to our new place. We made two trips to the tip and one trip to the Salvation Army. We then packed all out boxes and furniture into several van loads. We passed a lot of it out through our bedroom window. We had some great help from Matt and Bree, who helped us carry all that stuff up the stairs that lead just inside the door to our first floor flat.

We had some food that (our) Matt and his Dad picked up. Then we spent the rest of the evening moving things around and trying to create some order in the chaos. Here is the kitchen after tonight's efforts as well.

From the other side of the kitchen and outside the door you can see that we have an eat-in table! At the moment it's buried under chairs and plastic bins.

Here's a shot of our lounge--lots of shelves to hold all our books.

And the best part of this flat is the bike rack above the stairs. Check out all three of our bikes hanging here.

Ant took this picture from on the stairs under the bikes.

I'm writing this post with the broadband that was here in the flat from before. It's due to be cut off tomorrow, I think. So I will be sadly unavailable for a while. Call me instead to catch up!

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Like the bike rack Sare!