Saturday, 15 September 2007

tease me

Well, a post such as this one may be a very silly thing to write. It's like sticking a "kick me" sign on my own back. But it is an insight into how weird I truly am.

I mopped my first floor today. I have never used a mop before in my life. Ant said he would teach me how to do it! In the past I scrubbed our floors--just as I learned from my mother. Unfortunately (for her and for me) it's back-breaking, hard work. So out we went today and bought a mop and mop bucket (see what exciting lives we lead!). Then Ant enlightened me with his secret mopping recipe: boiling water, bleach, laundry powder and a little squirt of washing-up liquid. Boiling water means that the floor dries faster, he explained. Laundry powder gives a little scrubbing action. He did the first few strokes and then off I went.

On the whole I was very happy with my first mopping experience. The floor did indeed dry very quickly. The whole process was much faster than scrubbing. I think I love my new mop! But don't just take my word for its effectiveness. Judge for yourself. To cement this post as the most tease-worthy one yet, I am including a photo of my newly mopped floor.

OK. Now the ball is in your court. Reveal something as mundane and ludicrous as this, if you can take the teasing.


Jayme said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you and your mother actually scrubbed the floors on your hands and knees! I didn't know there were people who still did that! I don't even own a mop. I have a swiffer wet jet that I'm in love with! Then again, we have hardwood floors and some wierd kind of tile that doesn't like much water, so we can't use a traditional mop.

Kevin & Sonya said...

The Swifer Wet Jet is great for mopping!

Me! said...

I'm gonna have to try the boiling water. I've tried mopping but I don't seem to get enough scrubbing action to get all the gunk up. I think I'll spray some cleaner and then a bit of boiling water and see how it works. You're not the only one. Thanks for the tip!