Tuesday, 23 October 2007

the Horniman museum day out

Ant and I ventured out to south east London to the Horniman Museum today. It was perhaps a mistake to go there this week--it was overrun with primary aged children and mothers pushing buggies. On the up side there were quite a few interesting displays with animals and a great set of aquariums. We saw crabs, sea anemones, and this case of jellyfish.

They also had tanks from different climates, including this case of tropical fish.

Try to spot the two tree frogs in this case.

We eventually left without seeing all the exhibits because we had both reached our limit of excitable, loud children. This evening we went out for dinner at Le Gothique, a restaurant we have heard about a few times that is near us. The food was good, our server was polite and attentive, although a little scatterbrained. It is truly autumn now and I shivered on the way there and home via the bus, wearing my scarf and a hat.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

It looks lovely Sare!