Saturday, 27 October 2007

plant of the week

Here's this week's plant from Ikea, now sitting on the table in our entrance area. We also bought baskets for bathroom storage which hang on little hooks, and this let me clean up everything in the bathroom so there are no boxes on the floor any more.

Our kitchen lighting dramatically improved after we bought new light bulbs--150 watt halogen bulbs for the spots and a huge white paper shade for the light above the table. A new dish rack means I can stack up even more washing up. We bought a box of picture hooks, which is a huge bonus. Having all our pictures up makes things feel a lot more like home. We bought a small canvas photo of a purple flower for our bedroom. Two new pillows for the living room make our sofa bed a bit more comfortable.

Finally, we also bought a new duvet cover. Quite a lot of the money we saved by not going away this week we spent at Ikea. Our house feels like a real home now.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! I cant wait to have a real house and have it feel like a real house. I love the hooks, we have never had walls that those would not fall out of. All the cheap CND gyprock in apts.

PS I like the plant