Tuesday, 25 July 2006

avoiding spam

I have been getting a bit of comment spam lately. A computer program comes along and starts commenting on my posts and filing up my inbox with junk. So I changed the comments procedure to avoid this. When you comment, you will read a word and copy it to prove you are a human. Please take this as a positive gesture on my part to encourage real people to comment and to ignore robots. :) Thanks.


Ant x said...

This is a very clever idea... I am proud of your blogger-fu :)

Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! I dislike these little passwords you have to type...but I dislike the spam more. It takes forever to erase and it all so pleasant. "Nice blog, good postings, blah blah blah..." So I will comply with your passwords.

PS. You are coming to see me soon.
Do you arrive late at night? i think you do. You always leave late at night. I will be happy to see you.


sarah said...

Thank you for humouring me. I really don't want you to stop commenting. And everyone can still comment. If you're not a Blogger member, you can either comment anonymously or choose "other" to enter a name for yourself.