Tuesday, 25 July 2006

no more laptop!

Boo hoo. I had to give my laptop back today. I will be computer-less for about two weeks. I will have to pester Ant to use his so I can still blog. Or maybe I will go to the library up the street. I am so addicted to blogging and reading blogs that I cannot do without it.


Ant said...

We'll have to see if you can manage to get anywhere near my computer, maybe when I dash out for seconds at tea... or maybe when I make a cuppa :)

Kevin & Sonya said...

Me too. blogs are like virutal gossip. Even Kevin has become a fan - which shocked me. But of the two of us he is the one that knows what is going on in Hollywood as well... so I should not be to shocked I guess.

See you in a few days my Sare.


sarah said...

That is shocking! Kev, you have a hidden side I knew nothing about. :)

(I am squeezing in a bit of time at the computer while Ant is out of the room! Heehee.)