Wednesday, 26 July 2006

that burger was so tall... made the table look short. had to duck to get through the door.
...the air was so thin I could barely breathe.

Ant and I went out for a spot of shopping today, then ended up at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Ant had a burger with pesto and mozzarella. I had this massive creation with goat's cheese and aubergine. It was so huge I ate it with a knife and fork and I couldn't really finish. I also had a delcious (although strange sounding) lime milkshake. Ant had a chocolate milkshake and a side order of chips, which pushed him over the edge. We both had to waddle away afterwards. Matt and Bree were right to recommend the Gourmet Burger Kitchen to us all these months!


Kevin & Sonya said...

wow! What a like a tower.

Jayme said...

when I showed Donald the picture he said "That's not going into her!" I had to laugh.