Sunday, 2 July 2006

his and hers Sunday lunch

An example of how different Ant and I are! We went into the kitchen to make some fast food for lunch after church. We saw a carton of eggs. My idea was to make up a salad plate and hard boil a couple of eggs. I rounded out the protein with cheese slices. Note also the beetroot and carrot salad I made yesterday.

Ant toasted two slices of bread and served up Welsh rarebit--spicy scrambled eggs with cheese--and three sliced of fried ham. We were each so pleased with our delicious meals.


Kevin & Sonya said...

That is my kind of breakfast Anthony! I didnt even know you needed to "round out with protein" :)

Justin Hatt said...

Ant: You are silly! That food is nothing but FAT, FAT, FAT! =:-D

Sarah: Make Ant a vegan, please. Muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! =:-D