Monday, 10 July 2006

new laptop?

I soon have to give back my school-issued laptop. Since Ant and I have had two computers we have spent many evenings working side by side at our desks. I don't really think we can go back to sharing one. When we did I never got to use it! Since September I have enjoyed my computer and also have been much more productive. School comes to an end soon, and the laptop must return to its home. So I have been saving and thinking about what to buy to replace it (since my new school won't issue me with one).

My brother Paul has almost got me convinced that I should buy a MacBook. Ant and I did some investigating online yesterday and I see that one I want-white, 13" screen, 1GB RAM, and 80GB hard drive, probably. It's a thing of beauty. And I love the small size. Ant's laptop is just too big for me. And heavy.

So I am looking for feedback. Matt and April are firm Mac enthusiasts and Paul described Mac users by saying, "We all love our computers fanatically. There's got to be something to that." (He has an Apple G4 with two monitors side by side; very swish.) Any comments from blog-land?


Patrick & Rachel said...

Sarah, I just got a new dell desktop computer and am wishing I had taken a closer look at a mac. I cannot find anything for windows that comes close to their iLife '06 software. In my mind, that alone might make it worth it.

April said...

I think of our ibook less like a computer and more like our first-born child.

Kevin & Sonya said...

Sare, we have a wide screen Dell. It is great and really affordable. Kevin bought it last May and the price has come down even further since then. I think Mac's are okay - but not really compatable with much, plus everyone will tell you they are more exspensive becasue they are for the artistic type. However - I really love the MSN type program that comes with them... really funny and worth hours of enjoyment.