Tuesday, 22 July 2008

filing and tidying

I have spent large portions of the last two days at work, sorting out the post-school year messes. Yesterday I filed every paper that has every crossed my desk. Today I took down all the year old (and older) displays to prep for putting new ones up--all the old posters were torn and stained and worn out looking. Here's the room at the end of the day today. All the posters are newly laminated, sorted on the tables by type. I put up only one set of posters today--you can see them on the right end of the bulletin board. I also snagged another filing cabinet today (it's the one in the middle), which is a windfall of the greatest proportions. There is a huge waiting list in the school for things like that. I have befriended the caretakers over time and today it paid off. When I emailed asking for a cabinet this one appeared!

And I organised everything else and labelled it: there are trays of paper (three types), boxes of loop cards and games, and tins containing string and colouring pencils. I feel proud that for the first time in my teaching career, every piece of paper is filed and (almost) everything else is sorted. Usually there are papers heaped everywhere and piles of things waiting to be put somewhere sensible.

Tomorrow I plan to go in to do the last few tasks: set up next year's teaching folders and tidy the mangled stationary in my desk drawers.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! Your are always so organized. I think you are who I inherited it from. I cant wait to go try out your tool down below. I hope you live to be a healthy 85.7. We are not sure when we are leaving yet, looks like mid to late Sept.