Monday, 21 July 2008

life expectancy

I found a tool today, Vitality Compass, that uses the answers to a survey to predict your life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.
My actual age: 28.75 years
My biological age: 23.7 years
My life expectancy: 96.7 years
My healthy life expectancy: 85.6 years

Who else wants to take this little test and tell me how they did? I am amazed that the prediction is that I will live to 90+ years. That's scary, in a way. But with health and strength, long years could be a blessing.

The website is for a book, The Blue Zones, that studies five area (zones) of the world where people regularly live to over 100. One thing most of these people had in common, for example, was a regular inclusion of nuts in their diet. Here's a Venn diagram showing the main findings.

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Carolyn Birnie said...

Okay, here are my findings.

My actual age: 28 years
My biological age: 25.6 years
My life expectancy: 86.5 years
My healthy life expectancy: 76.1 years

Not quite as good as yours - I think I need to exercise more. =P