Tuesday, 29 July 2008

statistics and a city walk

I spent the morning at home, doing some statistics. I am studying the A2 module statistics in preparation for teaching it soon. I managed to avoid statistics during my degrees but now my hatred of it has faded and I'm actually quite enjoying it.

After lunch I headed out on one of my city walks. I walked from Green Park tube past the Ritz Hotel and along Jermyn Street. It's an area of town where there are lots of men's tailors. I was amazed at the window displays--how interesting ties and shirts can be made to look!

Then I popped into Fortnum and Mason, a famous speciality store. This window display surprised me because it looks like there are fresh strawberries in the bowl.

Fortnum and Mason are well known for their jams and preserves. I went and browsed in the jams and jellies section and saw hampers and fresh sweets on sale as well. Check out the chandeliers that were lighting the whole floor.

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Jayme said...

You are making me jealous and lonesome with all your posts about London! Wish I could join you for a day of shopping and strolling.