Thursday, 31 July 2008

war museum

Jen and I have had a few interesting days out this week. On Monday we went to Camden, Covent Garden and the National Gallery. Yesterday we went to Canary Wharf and the Imperial War Museum and today we went with Bree to Bath and Stonehenge.

Yesterday's adventure involved us meeting up with Matt and Ant for lunch at Canary Wharf, where they work. We enjoyed our Carluccio's with the baking crowd--we felt very relaxed compared to all those people in suits rushing around.

After Ant and Matt returned to their offices, Jen and I headed back to Waterloo to the Imperial War Museum. It is housed in part of an old mental hospital. Outside there are these two imposing cannons.

They are cannons that were used on British naval ships during the first half of the twentieth century. The further one was used in D-Day landings.

I took this picture of Jen overlooking the large entrance hall which is filled with tanks, planes, cannons, and a mobile periscope cart.

We went to the Imperial Museum mostly to go through the Holocaust exhibit. It was very well laid out and thoughtfully arranged. Nice use of fonts and backgrounds helped me see which quotations and stories were taken from Nazi propaganda and stories of survivors and victims. There were some really good posters, videos, sounds recordings and models. Jen and I were both moved and were glad we went. It was hard work but we felt that we learned quite a lot and came as close as could be said to enjoying it.

Afterwards we sat out in the park for a rest before heading off home again on the bus. We both really like sitting on the top deck and I've realised these last two weeks that I prefer travelling by bus than by train (although it usually takes four times longer to get anywhere) because I get to see so much more.

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