Thursday, 3 July 2008

"happy canda"

I hung up my huge Canadian flag in my classroom on Tuesday and wished all my students Happy Canada Day. I taught my year eights about ratio, with me mentioning that the Canadian and UK flags both have the ratio 1:2 for their width and length, whereas many other flags are in the 3:5 ratio. At the end of the day I got a card from one of my tutor group (a nice group of year sevens), which read, "To Mrs A..., Happy Canda, from Sean". Aww.

After work Sarah and I headed up to Trafalgar Square to Canada Day London. We enjoyed bison cheese burgers and said hi to Justin, who was on the organising committee and also working on the Tim Hortons stand. We bought two cans of Barq's root beer, but Sarah said it tasted like she expected Dettol would taste (a spray cleaner!) so I had 1.something cans and we ditched the rest. There was a folk singer on stage and stands all around for the Canada shop, Alberta and Zoom (the sponsors) and Canadian tourism. We were people watching and Sarah commented on the number of hockey jerseys. I felt silly for not having remembered to wear red and white, which the majority of the Canadians were.

It's charity week at school and today I participated in the Sponge the Teacher event. Here I am with a two of my colleagues waiting to get pelted with wet sponges. Students paid 10p per sponge, with money going to our three chosen charities.

Another part of charity week is tomorrow we have a mufti day--the students pay a contribution to charity to wear their own clothes for a day. We also get to wear casual clothes. Since it's the 4th tomorrow we are having an American themed mufti day. So it will be red, white, and blue for me tomorrow.

Also on the American topic, the church has a mission team of 12 coming from Texas who arrive tomorrow and stay for a week. We've been planning so much for them and we're really excited to seeing what God will do over the week as they do park ministry with us, hand out gifts to commuters, and run programs at the church.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Sarah, Happy late Canada day to you. I always look forward to your Canada posts as you are away it probably makes it even nicer to celebrate than it does here. A team from Texas wow! We were in Texas at Christmas as you know and I think everyone in Texas was Christian - it was crazy. Hope they enjoy London.

PS thanks for the post card