Monday, 12 June 2006

global warming

While reading online today I saw a Christianity Today poll about global warming. Here is the question.

Should evangelicals lobby on global warming?
1.• No, there is no such thing.
2.• No, our priority should be evangelism.
3.• No, the science is still unclear.
4.• Yes, it is our job to care for creation.
5.• Yes, concern for the climate is neighbor love.
6.• Yes, we need to address all social issues.
7.• I don't know.

Which of these options would you choose? I think the best fit for me is number 6. But really I think that if there was an "other" line I would choose that. It seems to me that evangelical groups that lobby are not seen in a very good light and they are ineffective because they alienate people. Campaigning for environmental (and other) issues is something that lots of normal people do, and I think we should join them. In general, thinking about global warming has nothing to if you are a Christian or not, but whether you have a caretaking outlook. Most of my colleagues and I, for example, would agree on this issue. What do you think?


Kevin & Sonya said...

I say 7. I perfer to support this issue from a distance but to not really get to involved because there are other issues that are more important (like Sunday shopping!!! Just kidding) that I prioritize over the enviroment --


Kevin & Sonya said...

Good girl Sare! Look at all your postings -- it gives me a little prick in my heart!!!

Kevin & Sonya said...

Check out this website:

Richard Lane said...

Good issue and great blog! I think there is such a close link between our culture of materialism/over-consumption, world poverty/inequalities and global warming/concern for the environment that we must take a stand. Together they are all parts of the biggest moral issue of our age. For me the guiding scripture is Matt 6:19-21 - "Do not store up for yourself treasures on earth." This is a tough message for us all. For me the biggest dilema is how do we reconcile flying around the world to visit and encourage friends and family and to share the gospel with the tons of CO2 which air travel creates?