Sunday, 11 June 2006

travelling by train

Mum and Dad on the train. We want down to Colin and Ruth's church for Dad to preach. (Colin was the officiating pastor at our wedding.)


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hello Leslie (your smile in the same as Sarah's). Hello Katherina!


Your cousin said...

HI All,
What a great looking couple on the train! How's the weather? Dave and I saw England in June in 1978, and it was lovely. Sarah, I love your blog. I log on occasionally, just to keep up with you and Ant. Any job offers? When is school done for the summer? Sunshine is done next week. We're going to finish painting her house. Then we're off to PEI for 3 weeks. We love our "armchair visits" via your site to the beauties of England. Thanks! And much love to you all. Wendy