Friday, 9 June 2006

trip to Liverpool

I've just got back from a three day trip to Liverpool with Ant, Mum, and Dad. We rented a car which my dad drove. He has a British license, but he was still a bit scary on the roads, driving on the unfamiliar left. We passed through Milton Keynes, of geek week fame, for Ant to go to a job interview. This one was for Gillette, as an imaging scientist. The only problem is that even after the interview he didn't know what the job really was. Maybe if they call him back for an assessment day he can ask more questions!

While Ant was at his interview, Mum and Dad and I went to Ikea! Yay. We got a shelf for our kitchen (sorely needed) and new bowls. Mum got a few things, like a new mouse mat.

We arrived at Ant's Nan and Grandad's on Wednesday evening. It was lovely to see them and to relax with a plate of salad and a comfy couch. :) On Thursday we had a "lie-in" and then took Jack and Etta to a beautiful garden in Southport. Mum took lots of pictures that I will hopefully poach tomorrow. Yesterday evening we went out to supper with Jack and Etta, Tony, and Stephanie at an Italian place in the city.

Driving home today was a chore... London traffic is unpredictable. Or maybe it is predictable--it's always busy. The last section (inside the M25) took almost two hours! Blech.


Matt said...

I know you're a wizz in the kitchen Sarah, but poaching photos? That's off the chart.

But then again, you have been looking for an excuse to use your new photo-poacher from Ikea...

Kevin & Sonya said...

What is a photo poucher? ?Do I want one? I do love gizzmos.


sarah said...

I am going to steal her photos! :)