Sunday, 25 June 2006

Grand Prix du Canada

The Canadian Grand Prix was this afternoon in Montreal. Here's Jacques Villeneuve, the only Canadian driver in Formula One at the moment. Sadly he hit the wall near the end of the race and didn't finish. He's having a great season. Michael Schumacher, Ant's and my favourite driver, managed to finish second after a series of incidents and accidents.


Justin Hatt said...

Geoff commented he was watching the Canadian Grand Prix tonight during the evening service (He was the worship leader.). It was quite hysterical, I thought. =:-D

However, going to the football scene, did you see what happened with Portugal and Holland??? We didn't, but we got the updates from David James' mobile.


Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare! I do not know a thing about race cars, other than than that there are exciting and run in circles - sort of like Kevin when he finds a new trail to hike - maybe Anthony could post something about the science of race cars so, or the rules...

Also K arrives in London on Friday am. He is going hiking for the weekend in whales and then is coming to find you. He has your phone no. so I guess he will call you. He said he might like to take you to a play if you are interested.