Sunday, 11 June 2006

pick-up line

I was walking home from the railway station today. It's been so hot lately and it was blazing sun on the pavement. I was sweating profusely.... I almost didn't make it home. Something very strange happened that has never happened to me before.* Two young men were walking towards me and as I approached one said, "Excuse me, babe. I find you very attractive. Can I have your number?" I was so shocked I didn't know what to do and so I mumbled, "Sorry," put my head down and turned the nearest corner. In retrospect, a possible better reaction would have been to say, "Thanks, but I'm married!"

*The only other similar event in my life was when a guy kept lining up to get help at the maths and stats help desk at Dal. He wasn't even really trying the questions and I kept sending him away to try them first before coming to ask me about them. I was a bit annoyed, but after a while he said that he actually wanted to ask me for coffee and wasn't interesting in the questions. I was so surprised that I don't think I really said anything... but asked him to at least wait until my shift was over so that I could help the other students with their work. :P

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Jayme said...

hey, at least he was polite... I've heard much more shocking pick-up lines in my time here that I simply couldn't repeat! And don't even get me started on the men on the Paris metro...!