Sunday, 27 May 2007


I am extremely comfortable after Ant deemed me a bit cold on the couch. I now have four blankets, one pillow on each side of my head and also a pillow under my feet.

He's gone out to the kitchen to make some hot beverages so I can make it through the 24 marathon we embarked on this evening. In truth we are almost finished. We watched two episodes already and there is only one hour to go in the series.

I am having hot chocolate a la Antoine. What a great dome of foam I have!

My blogging addiction is back with a vengeance after Sonya nagged me a bit.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

The dome with the foan - I like it. I have not had hot choclate in so long. You look lovely in your pillow palace as Claire would call it. She loves London in a bag by the way (minus the cars). She especially likes the piece that looks like a smoke. She puts it in her mouth like a cigar. I'll post pictures once I figure out how to build it to actually look like Picadilly.