Sunday, 13 May 2007

a mixture

Ah, this fair city. A confused mixture, at times, of old and new.

It's beautiful that there is so much of the old city surviving. In odd places you find an historic building and a modern office side by side. This picture is from a walk Ant and I did at Easter near Borough market.

Yesterday Sarah (a colleague of mine) and I cycled to work. We were trying to find a good route for her to start biking regularly. We were tired out when we got back, but we think we found a decent route. One thing she will be avoiding is a railway crossing that involved about twenty-five steps up and then down. Never again! Instead she'll be using a cycle path that I used in the autumn and quite a few nice residential roads.

In the evening, Matt, Si, Ant, and I hosted a Eurovision Song Competition party. The songs were awful but the party was brilliant. Si made pitta dippers and baked tortilla crisps and we ate chopped veggies, grapes, nuts, and apple cake. Each of us became an ambassador for one country, wearing a sash with a rosette. None of us picked Serbia, the eventual winner. We thought their song was pretty terrible, actually. I suppose that none of the songs were very good, though. I was supporting Turkey; their lead singer was a slimy looking guy in a red suit accompanied by four short-skirted ladies. They came fourth--not too bad!

I was leading worship this morning. My song of the day was by Ian White.

You are merciful to me.
You are merciful to me.
You are merciful to me, my Lord.
Every day my disobedience grieves your loving heart,
but then redeeming love breaks through and causes me to worship you.
Redeemer (Redeemer),
Saviour (Saviour),
healer (Healer),
and friend (and friend).
Every day (every day)
renew my ways (renew my ways)
fill me with love (fill me with love)
that never ends (that never ends).
You are merciful to me.
You are merciful to me.
You are merciful to me, my Lord.

The theme of worship was the names of God. We finished with this song. Even when we look to our own circumstances, problems, and sins, we come back to the names of God. The final word is that God is our Redeemer and Saviour, healer and friend.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

Hi Sare - you are an inspiratiion for biking. I know you have been doing (well) much longer thatn me. What is Eurovision? It sounds like fun to have any kind of party. We do not know enough people here to have a party. I often fret over what I will do for claires birthday! Also you must get lots of new worship tunes. I have never heard of that one!

also - someone told me "the frey" is a good band to download. I have not heard anything by them.