Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Salzburg weekend

We spent the weekend in Austria with Matt and eight others. Main activities? Eating, drinking, walking around the city, gawking at scenery, a tour of the ice caves nearby. It was so nice to see some different scenery. The river was beautiful; we walked along it from our hotel to the main city every day, several times.

On both Saturday and Sunday night we spent some time at a huge beer garden and brewery--possibly Matt's favourite part of the trip. The beer is sold in massive half liter or full liter steins.

A trip to the ice caves was my favourite outing. Despite not really having the correct shoes for the occasion, we set out anyway to a mountain about an hour's drive from the city. They are the world's largest ice caves, accessed by a very winding drive, a twenty minute hike, a cable car ride, and another twenty minute hike. We entered the cave with a guide who took us through the cave system--700 steps up and then 700 down. The caves were spectacular, and hopefully some of Ant's pictures will come out. The caves were very dark (understandable, since they are deep inside a huge mountain) but some lit shots can be found on the caves' website.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

It looks beautiful - and those boys have great jugs!