Friday, 25 May 2007

more posting!

All right, all right. Leave off. I'll post more often. Forget about the rest of life. Forget the mounds of marking (it's exam season!). Forget the nice weather. Forget sleeping (for example, tonight). Just for Sonya I will post.

I spent Wednesday at a primary school (apparently) learning about the transition between primary and secondary school. What I really learned was how to make a sandwiches with a really nice year three class (eight year olds). It was so much fun to be away from my stressful students for a day. Plus I got to go to book club in the evening. Our book for the coming month is The Tenderness of Wolves.

Anyone want to read along with us? Matt is now an official member of the book club as well, scorning its status as a gathering for Canadians. (It is run by the Canada Network, you know.) Speaking of Matt, he and I are going to a Dana Centre talk next week called Punk Science. Sounds like fun! And one of the book club members says she can help Matt meet some head honcho at the Dana Centre. Matt envisions himself as the Punk Maths Man.

More later. Ok?!

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Kevin & Sonya said...

There you are Sare! I am watching the funniest thing on tv - a WWF match between Rosie O'Donell and some Elizebeth girl. It is really entertainging and sad. I can t beieve that CNN haas nothing else to post about. I must make a posting about it.

Thanks for posting something new - even though your busy. I am glad you learned something new at whats sounds like a not so interesting meeting!