Sunday, 20 May 2007

weekend activities

I am sitting on the couch sipping water from a wine glass with a sparkly red pipe-cleaner bow around it. Heehee. Thanks to Ant! I have been marking Year 7 Optional Exams this week and weekend and am near the end--it's all done except totaling the papers I left on my desk at work, and one set of mental maths papers. Just in time, since on Wednesday I'll get a big stack of Year 8 Optional Exams to mark. The wine glass of water is a gimmick to help me stay motivated during marking, not my favourite thing, as you may already know.

Another activity this weekend included a good bye brunch for Si on Saturday. We made the poshest cheese on toast ever, from a Waitrose recipe, which also allowed us to participate in British Sandwich week just in time. We are so sad to see Si go, but excited that he's found a really good job. On Saturday evening we went to a traditional English pub with Mot and Ness and Matt and Si. Ant (and other blokes) had a massive beef mince and onion pie which had a swimming pool of gravy. My apple pie was similarly swamped in custard. Mmmmm.

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Kevin & Sonya said...

post more! post more. Pics of you, pics of Anthony, post! post!